The Art and Design of Kate Church


 R E L I E F   :   Claude Chaloux and Kate Church    :   Images from the exhibition : july 1 – aug 31 2014 


R E L I E F :  Artist Statement

The show explores the concept of the surfaces of a  material form attaching to surfaces of emotion evoked by the word relief. Each of the artists has worked independently in following and interpreting this concept.

The title has a double meaning.  In the French language, relief means landscape, which is a subject of the show, explored in the different surfaces and textures. In the English language, the Oxford dictionary defines relief as ‘a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress’. 

These two aspects of the meaning of the word R E L I E F are found throughout this exhibit and hold the spirit of the show. Surfaces are the major emphasis of the exploration and conceptually the material connection of the two artists.