The Art and Design of Kate Church

studio3 desaturateC o m b i n i n g  the line and form of sculpture with the playful anima of puppetry has been my livelihood for more than twenty years. I stumbled into it during my time as a textile and costume associate with the renowned Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia, an international touring children’s puppetry company. Lunchtime was often spent watching my fabulously talented colleagues make the napkins and brown paper lunch bags talk. We laughed and I learned about anima. An itching desire to do more than clothe the puppets and puppeteers was part of creating my first little doll. Enchanted from the first moment, she sits in my studio charming me to this day.

I am proud to have created figures for the incredible Cirque du Soleil which were sold in their shops around the world.

Until this year, 2013, the largest piece of my professional artistic life has been presenting my yearly collection at The One of A Kind Christmas Show in Toronto…I managed with the usual artistic stressful preparation to be ready for the first five days of the show each November. I have had the delicious joy of selling out a few times but even sweeter, having my sister and her children help me open the shipping boxes and hang my work. From the time the kids were very young I watched their faces shinning in delight as they dug through the piles of packing popcorn to find another ” f a i r y ” saying “Auntie Kate!!! Auntie Kate!!  !….  L O O K  a t  T H I S  o n e ! ! ! ” How heavenly those years were and are for me.

rob brad and pam

I  have begun to t e a c h what I have taught myself….loving my wonderful, enthusiastic students and the combination of their hopes and wishes…doing my job to facilitate everything from making a gift to finding their confidence,preparing to tackle a career using their talent and a wee bit of my experience and shoulder to lean on.

……a n d  I now work from a space I have created from years of hand, heart and eye work… quietly, slowly, savoring a combination of my practice and the desire to stretch myself…engaging the tender emotional place I work from with a new and earned depth of experience and lightness of touch, looking to understand and expose something that moves me and hopefully, bringing to life for my audience…….

something   d e l i g h t f u l .